Redevelopment of 50+ Year Old Grocery Store Property, Bethesda, Maryland

NPDES Permitting, Mass Excavation, Construction Dewatering, Groundwater Treatment and Compliance Sampling/Reporting

Residential Redevelopment of a 150-Year Old Rail Yard in Denver, Colorado

Historical Site Conditions
First Step in Development of Conceptual Site Model to Transform a 150-Year Old Railyard in Denver’s Central Platte Valley With Location and History.

Implementation of Voluntary Cleanup Plan
Develop Voluntary Cleanup Plan and Kick Off Transformation of Railyard to Multi-Family Residential Lofts.

Removal of Coal Based Fill During Remediation
Removal of Old Foundation as Part of Redevelopment, Denver, Colorado

Removal of Coal Based Fill During Remediation
Removal of Coal Based Fill and Foundations, Denver, Colorado

Removal of Coal Based Fill During Remediation
Transformation of Railyard to Lofts, Denver, Colorado

Excavation of Soils during Redevelopment
Transformation of Railyard to Office Buildings, Denver, Colorado

Construction Following Implementation of Voluntary Cleanup Plan
Construction of a Subgrade Garage for Lofts Following Implementation of a Voluntary Cleanup Plan, Denver, Colorado.

Completed Redevelopment
Riverfront Park – The Central Park of Denver – After Implementation of Voluntary Cleanup Plan, Denver, Colorado.

Current Site Conditions
Transformation of the Central Platte Valley, Denver, Colorado.

Commercial Redevelopment of a 40-Year Old Strip Mall with a Dry Cleaner in Thornton, Colorado

Historical Site Conditions
Blighted 40-Year Old Shopping Center in Thornton, Colorado.

Former Strip Mall and Dry Cleaner
Partially Occupied Strip Mall in 40-Year Old Shopping Center – Blight and Contamination from Historic Use

Oversight for Demolition
Demolition of Shopping Center as Part of Kickoff of Redevelopment Efforts, Thornton, Colorado.

Hydrofracturing of Bedrock
Develop Methodology for In-Situ Remediation of Solvents Released from the Former Dry Cleaner in the Strip Mall To Allow for Redevelopment, Thornton, Colorado.

Injection of Oxidant
Injection of Oxidant for Remediation of Solvents during Redevelopment, Thornton, Colorado.

Redevelopment of the Site
Redevelopment of Property with New Shopping Center, Thornton, Colorado.

Due Diligence Activities

80-Year-Old Iron Foundry
Development of Conceptual Site Model to Allow Plan for Redevelopment of 80-Year Old Iron Foundry Adjacent to Light Rail Line. Englewood, Colorado.

48,000-Acre Cattle Ranch
Challenges - How to Conduct Due Diligence for Purchase of a 48,000-Acre Ranch. Northeastern New Mexico.

100-Year-Old Hospital Campus
Challenge – Conduct the Due Diligence to Facilitate Sale of a 100-Year-Old Hospital Campus in an Urban Setting, Downtown Denver, Colorado.

Former US Army Hospital Redevelopment
Redevelopment of a Former US Army Hospital Property as a BioTechnology Center. Aurora, Colorado.

Remediation and Construction Activities

Management of Dissolved Phase PCE in Dewatering System
GWTS, Denver, Colorado

Petroleum Release
Remediation of Petroleum Release for Redevelopment as Office Complex, Northern California.

Dewatering of Underground Storage Tank Basin
Solutions for Redevelopment of Gas Station – Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Treatment, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Oversight for Placement of New UST
Solutions – Placement of USTs Fifteen Feet Below Water Table - Construction Dewatering (500 GPM), Free Phase Removal and Groundwater Treatment, Rapid City, South Dakota.

In-Situ Oxidant Remediation and Bioremedation
Control of PCE-Impacted Groundwater via Oxidant Injection into Fractured Bedrock Aquifer, Conifer, Colorado.

Drinking Water Treatment System
Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of Water Treatment System for Drinking Water Supply. Conifer, Colorado.

Investigating Petroleum Pipeline Release
Emergency Response to Characterize Release from Petroleum Pipeline in Wildlife Preserve, South-Central, Wyoming.

Management of Petroleum-Impacted Soils
Measures to Remediate/Mitigate Petroleum Impacted Soils from a Petroleum Pipeline Release, Wildlife Preserve, South-Central, Wyoming.







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