Large Firm Technical Capability,
Small Firm Agility

HirschGibney is capable of handling your next urban development project from start to finish.

Knowing the environmental and groundwater conditions beneath your development site is critical. Effectively managing contaminants, groundwater, and permitting for your site is even more important; it could be the difference between a build out bonanza or a bona fide bust.

Reliable Data

HirschGibney can provide you with reliable site characterization data, to understand the complex nature of the contaminants, and to develop realistic cleanup plans that work and preserve your bottom line. We will give you the facts and work with you to use them to your advantage

Your Advocate

You can trust HirschGibney to be your advocate with the regulators who have jurisdiction over your project. As a former officer of a regulatory authority, Richard Hirsch understands oversight agency concerns, and we work to ensure that regulatory requirements and permitting needs are satisfied and regulations do not block your goals.


We work seamlessly with your architects, structural, civil and geotechnical engineers, general contractors, and inspection personnel. We will be there when they need us.

Our Mission is to serve our clients.

We listen and learn about our clients’ goals and provide recommendations that add value to projects. We help our clients achieve their project goals on time, on budget, and in line with environmental quality standards.